Blind Nuts

99¢ set of 4

Zinc Plated M4 Blind Nuts

Lock Washer

M4 lock washer, alloy steel

20¢ for a set of 4

Mounting Bolts

M4 12.9 Class Steel black oil finish allen socket screws for mounting motors to firewalls.

Set of 4, choose from M4x0.70 or M5x0.80, in lengths of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm. 

Prices starting at 99¢ per set of 4 screws


Price starting at 30¢

Set of 4, M4 stainless nuts.

With nylon lock ring for 40¢

Stand Off Washer

Stand Off Washer

  Two sizes to choose from

  5¢ each

Stand Offs

Stand Offs


  Starting at $2.99 per set of 4

  8 sizes to choose from