Yard Bird Mini F-15

The new mini remote control YB F-15 is a redesign of the original YB F-15 park jet (RC F-15). This mini RC jet has a wingspan of 16 inches. Built around the amazing new Motrolfly 2203-2200 mini motor this little RC airplane is a blast. Fly fast, slow or rocket straight up. You don't have to give anything up with this RC plane. Enjoy 10 minute plus flights when equipped as recommended. New additions include boxed in inlets that adds strength and good looks to the underside. New decals that include engine nozzles, a new mini motor mount and control horns. When equipped with the recommended power setup, this model can float along like a leaf or rocket straight up out of sight! Great for the park, big front yard or a large gym. Executes inside and out side loops. Barrel rolls and performs inverted flight with ease. Climb is unlimited, this model will accelerate straight up. Controls are elevon and throttle. Simple two servo setup. Unlike other foamies, the receiver, electronic speed control, and battery are hidden under a large access door. This gives the model a clean look from below. MADE IN THE USA Includes: Custom pre-cut decals, CF wing spar. CF pushrods, Dubro E/Z connectors, nylon clevis, fiber hinges, Velcro, screws, Laser cut motor mount / control horns, imported depron foam, instructions and CNC cut parts. All kits ship double boxed. 16 INCH WINGSPAN 5 TO 7 OUNCE FLYING WEIGHT REQUIRES: * 3 CHANNELS, ELEVON MIXING * TWO 3.6 GRAM SERVOS * MOTROLFLT 2203-2200 MINI MOTOR * SONIC POWER 3S 450mah 20C BATTERY * MOTROLFLY10 AMP ESC * GWS 5 X 4.3 PROP

Yard Bird Mini F-15
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