Motrolfly Brushless Motor 4320

This Motrolfly Motor comes with a pre mounted X mount not meant to be removed and pre mounted 8mm prop hub. We use blue loctite on the hub and red loctite on the X mount.

Motor comes with out connectors, we find it more important to direct solder the motor wires to the ESC.

Length: from the back of the X mount to the hub face 60.60mm. Weight: 380 grams 10.58 oz.
Weight: with Hub, Xmount, and 4mm connectors, 434 grams 15.31 oz.
For Planes 7 to 16lbs. depending on model type

3D planes 7 to 9 lbs., Pattern Planes 7 to 10lbs.

300Kv is for props 16x10 to 18x8 on 8s, expect 1700 to 2000W depending of battery quality.
400Kv is for props 17x10 to 19x8 on 6s, expect 1500 to 1800W depending on battery quality.
450Kv si for props 17x10 to 18x8 on 6s, expect 1650 to 1850W depending on battery quality.
500Kv for 15x10 to 16x10 props on 6s for sport and pattern flying.

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