Motrolfly Brushless Motor 4325

This Motrolfly Motor comes with a pre mounted X mount not meant to be removed and 8mm prop hub.

Optional Larger X mount with mounting holes 75mm apart crossing center

Available in 280Kv, 310Kv, 340Kv, 380Kv, and 450Kv. Choose from the drop down box.

Weight: 455 grams 16.03 oz.
Weight: with Hub, Xmount, and 4mm connectors, 510 grams 17.95 oz.

For Planes 8 to 16lbs. depending on model type

Best fit for 3D airplanes 9 to 11 lbs. 70 to 74" based on model weight and out put power of the motor. Pattern planes 9 to 12 lbs.

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