Motrolfly Brushless Motor 3625-430

This 3625-430 motor comes with the special hub and was designed for the 1600mm Starmax War Bird Planes using the stock 4 blade prop. This motor is meant for sport and scale flying only. Motor comes with 4mm connectors pre soldered to the motor and matching female connectors will be included in the motor box along with all other mounting hardware. Max Amps: 80 Expect 60 to 70 amps on 4s with the stock prop and 75 to 90 on 5s. 5s with the stock prop you will need throttle management. Do not run the motor at full throttle on the ground as it needs good cooling. In the air on 5s 15 second full throttle runs should be done on straight away runs followed by a good 30 second cool down period at 3/4 throttle or less.

Some modification needs to be made to mount it to the firewall as the holes do not line up.

Motrolfly Brushless Motor 3625-430
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