Building With Foam by Keith Sparks

This book is for the person who would like to take foam building to the next level. Not only the novice builder but also the advanced scratch-builders will benefit from this easy to read well illustrated volume of "BUILDING WITH FOAM" . This 78 page book is the result of 15 years of mistakes and successes. Inside you will learn how to make "home made" tools such as the bow, cutting templates, and other special tools needed. Wing spans from 8 ft. to 10 inches are covered as well glow and electric powered models. Different finishing types are here and the "rules' you need to know to attach hardware

Topics covered include: 
Types of Foam ,Getting Started , Wire Cutting , Bonding & Finish,  Shaping Foam , Fuselages , Support, Structures , Hardware attachment.

Building With Foam by Keith Sparks
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