OCTANE XL EBL 1/10 Scale 4x4



Ready to Run with 4WD Shaft Drive


Fully covered receiver case


Rear Axle design with reinforced housing & adaptor


Light & High Impact Front Suspension Arms


Big Bored Shocks with long droop


Unique Steering System with Front Uniersal Joint Shafts


Reinforced Upper Plate to Stiff the Chassis Plate


Fully sealed central transmission for gear protection


High Quality RC System Offering Lots of Fun of Racing


Lights for option

Length: 500MM

Width: 300 MM

Height: 220MM

Wheelbase: 328MM

Single gear ratio: 11.2: 1

Tires: 128mm(5 inch)

Motor: 3650 Size 3000kv

ESC: 45A Brushless

Lipo: 7.4V 3300mAh Lipo Battery

charger: V3 balance

OCTANE XL EBL 1/10 Scale 4x4
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